Red Wine Audio

Red Wine Audio's Ginevra LFP-V

Red Wine Audio’s Ginevra LFP-V

When “Perfect Sound Forever” debuted in 1983 in the form of the CD, I doubt that anyone seriously imagined the LP would still be with us in 2011. The compact disc immediately ignited an analog/digital debate among hardcore audiophiles, and while true believers on each side are still holding tight, it’s the CD, not the LP, whose future remains uncertain. Read More >

Red Wine Audio Black Lightning DC Power Supply

Red Wine Audio Black Lightning DC Power Supply Get those wall warts out of your system!

By Jeff Dorgay If you’ve been reading TONEAudio for the last couple of years, you know I’m a big fan of the battery-powered gear from Red Wine Audio, built by Vinnie Rossi and his team. I’ve used their Signature 30. Read More >