REVIEW: The Clearaudio DaVinci MC Cartridge

REVIEW: The Clearaudio DaVinci MC Cartridge

Forget what you know about Clearaudio cartridges of old. Since they brought out the new generation Goldfinger, Clearaudio has been going towards a more-balanced sound.   These days, their newfound expertise has trickled down to the $7,500 Titanium and the $5,500 DaVinci. Read More >

Fantastic Value From Clearaudio:

Fantastic Value From Clearaudio: What a Concept

If you pose the question, “What turntable should I buy for $1,500?” on an internet forum, have your hazmat suit on and be prepared to be bombarded with insults and advice. You’ll get suggestions from all over the audio spectrum; new, used, and modded this or that. Read More >

Clearaudio's Goldfinger v.2

Clearaudio’s Goldfinger v.2 The newest heavyweight champion of analog

The recently updated version of Clearaudio’s Goldfinger cartridge weighs in at 18 grams; a heavyweight by any measure and in part due to the body being made from 16 grams of pure gold. Read More >