Wax Stacks Cubes

Here we present a bit more old school, more organic, less expensive and more scalable way to store your LPs. The crates you see here from Wax Stacks are made from birch ply (a totally green, renewable wood source) and can be stacked to infinity.

We like the finish and the fact that no tools are required. Take that, IKEA. Made here in the US, Wax Stacks is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, so there are still some early bird deals to be had. If you’re the lucky one that pledges $5,000, they will even come to you, assemble everything and help migrate your record collection to your newly purchased storage. But even at the $65 price, these babies are built to last and expand for a lifetime. -Jeff Dorgay

Wax Stacks Cubes