For those of you who like to display your albums on the wall, or keep better track of what’s currently spinning on your turntable, the RecordWall-it is an elegant solution that doesn’t require you to take the frame apart when you want to change the album art, and if you’re good at keeping things level, you can use two side by side for double albums.

The RecordWall-it comes in basic black and is easy to mount, thanks to the countersunk holes molded in the plastic.  If you are just mounting album covers for permanent display, you can probably get away with just screwing into your drywall; record jackets don’t weigh that much.  However, if you will be changing the album covers often, we suggest mounting to the wall stud, or if that isn’t handy, using a pair of 25-pound wall anchors.  Either way, this is one of those handy little gadgets that will leave you wondering how you ever did without it.