Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you’ve got one of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, you have to get the companion watch. While some may view this as over the top nerdiness, and others the first step to wearing Borg implants, the Samsung engineers have done a remarkable job at streamlining what could have been a major dork move.

Available in stylish orange, bright yellow, black, white, and grey, the Galaxy Gear watch pairs
with your phone via Bluetooth and gives you multiple display options, from full on digital watch (complete with outside temperature) to the analog version you see here. And, it includes a wrist camera, whichis mega cool.

The downsides of this product are few, but significant. First, it has to be charged via the charging
cradle and wall wart, which is cumbersome. Having a watch that needs to be charged is inconvenient. Second, the watch face does not stay lit, you have to push the button on the side of the bezel to illuminate it. Hopefully, the next release (or software update) will address these issues. For now, we only suggest this one for the most obsessive mobile technology enthusiasts.
– Jeff Dorgay