Ortofon DS-1 Digital Scale

While gadgets aren’t always fashionable, a properly set up turntable is always in style.  And what better way to adjust tracking force than with a digital scale?  We’ve tried some of the cheapie, Chinese-made digital scales in the $40–$60 range, but they have all had relatively short lifespans.

Clearaudio’s Weight Watcher is excellent, but starting to tip the price scale at $300 these days –– so think of that model as the S-Class Mercedes of digital scales.  Ortofon’s DS-1 is made in Japan, easy to use, and thanks to its smaller paddle, makes it more versatile with a wider range of cartridges than the Weight Watcher. At nearly half the price, it makes this accessory accessible to a wider range of audiophiles.

Ortofon DS-1 Digital Scale