iPad Air

Yes you need another iPad.  Now dubbed the iPad Air, Apple claims their new baby is “leaner and definitely meaner.”  Marketing hyperbole aside, it is 28% lighter, weighing in at a mere one pound.  While some find this new svelteness enticing, the beauty of the new iPad is truly skin deep.

Those stepping up from an earlier generation pad will immediately notice the crispness of the retina display.  Even if you’ve already had the retina experience, you’ll be excited by the processor upgrade, providing a big jump in overall performance.  Web pages load decidedly faster when comparing to the last model, and wifi performance seems improved as well, when transferring files.  Perhaps the biggest benefactors will be the gamers in the audience, which is where all of this functionality converges, but the new Pad is enough of a star performer, that those relying more heavily on the pad than a laptop should give this one serious consideration.  – Jeff Dorgay

$499-$999 (depending on configuration)