Quirky’s Power Curl

Tired of always finding your MacBook charger in a giant ball?  Quirky’s Power Curl comes in different sizes, depending on your model, and they come in some fun, or should we say, quirky colors.  The power supply fits in the central, square hole and the power cords both wind around separate spools, much like monofilament thread on a weed whacker.  There is just enough space on the spools to wind both cords all the way on the spool for travel.

As cool as the quirky colors are, a few trips in your purse, briefcase or backpack will leave the Power Curl somewhat scuffed, so perhaps black might be a better option, but it’s still handy as hell. And if you need to keep your iPhone/Pod/Pad chargers organized as well, the Power Curl Mini (only $4.99) is just the ticket.  This one is ADD approved.

Power Curl