The JBL L-100 Classic

There’s nothing in audiophile world that compares to the JBL L-100. They’ve probably sold more of these than every other speaker manufacturer combined. A true classic.

Show just about anyone a picture of a pair of L-100s (especially with orange grilles) and you’ll probably get an enthusiastic “yeah, I had a pair of those” from a wide range of people from a certain age group.

And they are still out there, popular as any muscle car of the same vintage. Some are really rough and a good pair will set you back $1,000 – $1,500 these days. Fortunately, we had a pair of clean originals to compare to the new Classic 100. No other audio reviewer bothered to make this comparison. But, we always do our homework. If you’d like the in-depth comparison, please click here.

If you just want to rock, get on down to your favorite audio dealer that offers JBL and buy a set. If you’re on the east coast, try Audio Classics, the Midwest, give Music Direct a call, and if you’re out west (the home of the L100) call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. All three of these dealers are TONE approved and will take great care of you.

So many classic things from years past often get reborn lacking the character of the originals. In the case of JBL’s Classic 100, the speaker has been improved in every way, and is one of the most fun rock & roll speakers going. Indulge yourself.