Team Fink Borg Episode 2

After listening to Team Fink’s Kim speakers for two years now, and purchasing the review pair, it’s provided the ability to get very familiar with their sound. The quick, spacious, and tonally accurate sound of these 2-ways with their AMT/Heil based tweeter have become a favorite, leaving a number of more expensive speakers collecting dust.

In the midst of waiting for a shot at the larger Borg model, Mr. Karl-Heinz Fink has made updates to the cabinet, crossover, and a slight change to the tweeter, but the woofer remains the same. Not having the chance to hear the originals, a total comparison is not possible, but this speaker is fantastic on so many levels.

With a 10 ohm average (6.5 ohm nominal) impedance, the Borg 2s work equally well with tubes or transistors, and like the Kims, have controls on the rear panel to adjust the extreme low and high frequencies to taste. The LF control is more of a damping control to optimize for tube or solid state amplification which is incredibly handy.

There are six standard cabinet finishes, and our review pair has arrived in the white matte and Nextel steel grey. They all look great and the level of execution is outstanding.

Fink mentions the design challenge of using a 10.25 inch mid/bass driver, crossed over to their AMT tweeter at 1600 Hz, but says the bigger driver is “difficult to forget.” He’s not kidding. These speakers have a tonal body and saturation that offers a unique, musical, and very involving sound. Straight out of the crates they sound fantastic. We’ll have a lot more to report in the April issue, where the Borg 2s will be our cover feature. However, if you’re on the fence, don’t wait for our review. They are worth every bit of the $36,490 asking price. Tell them I sent you.

www.matterhornaudio.com       (US Distributor)

www.finkteam.com/products/borg   (Manufacturer)