The Vanguard Scout Speakers – From VeraFi

The new, compact Scout speakers are a triumph of engineering and good taste at $299 a pair.

Considering Vera Fi uses a manufacturer direct model eliminating distributor and dealer mark up, they really compete with something from the likes of KEF or B&W at the $1,000 price point. Yet they exceed both of these industry titans by concentrating on what matters most – sheer musicality.

Designing a $299 pair of speakers requires a tremendous amount of insight, discipline, and execution, because every 50 cents affects the bottom line. It’s easy to lose your way, and this is why so many budget speakers either outright suuuuuck, or concentrate too much on one aspect of the musical spectrum.

These small bass reflex speakers feature a robust cabinet, a 5.25-inch treated paper woofer and a 25mm silk dome speaker, with much higher quality crossover components than you will ever see in a thousand dollar pair of mini monitors elsewhere. You can read more about the crossover design here, on the VeraFi site:


To get the most out of the Scouts, procure stands that allow you to fill with sand to achieve maximum mass and couple with a bit of blu-tack or other suitably sticky stuff. This will give you the most bass extension you can get – and every couple of Hz count with small speakers! Their wide dispersion makes them easy to set up in your room, and if you do have a small-ish room, capitalize on room gain for even better bass.

They provide an easy load to drive with solid-state or tube amplifiers, and will surprise you in a good way, even connected to fairly fancy electronics. The Scouts sacrifice a bit of extension on top and exaggerated bass on the bottom to deliver a speaker that nails the musical fundamentals. This will leave you satisfied no matter what kind of music you enjoy most, yet it is worth emphasizing how natural they sound with vocals and acoustic instruments. They also manage to play pretty loud without distortion.

Whether you are looking for an additional pair of speakers to build another system with, or a new enthusiast at the beginning of the journey, the Vanguard Scout speakers present excellent value and will hold your interest for a long time. Highly recommended. Should you be interested, there is a more in-depth review here….