The Heretic AD612 Speakers

If you read our review of the Heretic AD614s, you know how much I love these speakers. Always on a hunt for a great pair of high efficiency speakers, the Heretics succeed brilliantly. The only major difference between the 614s (which actually use the same 12″ coaxial driver) and the AD612s you see here, is cabinet volume.

The increased cabinet volume allows the 12″ ported driver that pays homage to the Altec cabinets used back in the EMI/Beatles days to go a bit deeper. 35hZ, vs. 40 for the 614s. Fortunately, they can be placed fairly close to the wall, so you can pick up a little bit of room gain. Wall voicing is a great thing for the Heretics – speakers up against the wall looks super cool, and that extends the useful frequency response down to about 32hZ.

Available in a few different finishes, these speakers are gorgeous no matter how you configure them. Our full review will be live in issue 117, but thanks to their 97dB/1-watt sensitivity rating, the Heretics are perfect for low powered tube amps. The Pass Labs First Watt amplifiers also make for an excellent, highly musical pairing.

The Heretic AD612s are incredibly amplifier friendly, and will deliver good results with nearly anything, much like my other favorite speaker, the legendary Quad 57, the absolute right amplifier takes them to a completely more engaging presentation. So the AD612s may just send you on an amplifier hunt!

Very enthusiastically recommended and #toneaudioapproved. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the years to come.

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