Voodoo For You…

Oddly enough, this product is backed up by quite a bit of science, but I love the name. I’ve known Jan Geschke for a while now, and between our love for Porsche automobiles and fine audio, I agreed to give these a try. Yep, cable elevators.

As you may or may not know, we’ve covered precious few tweaks in 20 years of TONE. Talk about expectation bias, I have a reverse expectation bias when it comes to things like this. I EXPECT it not to work, but in the spirit of fairness, need to call it out when it does. The Furutech DE-Mag is like that. Everyone I’ve exposed it to, audiophile or not can hear the difference it makes, and they all describe it the same way – including a few industry people who’s hearing I really trust.

While I fully expected to send a note to Jan, saying “sorry mate, this is BS,” I notice an exciting increase in system clarity in the main system (with Cardas Clear cable) so I examine it with Nordost, Audience and Tellurium Q cables. Same result.

Knowing Chris Harr is even more skeptical than I am, I hand them over at the bar while we are having a beer and it looks like a drug deal in plain sight. A couple days later, he confirms what I’m hearing too. We’ll have a longer review soon, but for now, this is an exciting product. The Voodoo site will explain the physics and the tech way better than I can (https://voodoolabs.myshopify.com/) and how to purchase.

The ones you see here are produced under license for Audionet, but Voodoo has their own product as well using the same technology, materials, construction process.

A set of six will run you about $3,500. Yes, that’s expensive, but again if you have a fairly resolving system, I’m confident you’ll experience enough of a delta to want a set. Remember, McIntosh is charging $1,500 for a lighted box with a logo on it and NOTHING inside.

Should you be attending the Munich High End show this week, stop by the Audionet/Voodoolabs room and say hello. Tell Jan we sent you, and he’ll point you to the other rooms where his products (he makes cables too) are being demonstrated. #toneaudioapproved. We both got a set!