The Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones

A few strums into Al DiMeola’s new live recording, Saturday Night in San Francisco is all it takes to reveal the delicacy these new phones from Sendy Audio possess. It wasn’t that long ago, there were a few mega-expensive electrostatic phones, and Audeze. Times have changed. While not having the last 5% of sheer speed and transparency that the best ESL phones have, the Peackocks are extremely musical and inviting overall. There’s a slightly warm tonality going on here that will keep them on your head for a long time.

Build quality is high, and the packaging lovely, but not overdone – and not overdone to the point where you might worry that too much effort went into the packaging. A quick look at the Sendy website shows how much thought and engineering prowess has gone into the drivers in these phones.

Switching from DiMeola to some classic Soul II Soul shows these phones can produce some major bass. If your musical taste leans towards house, hip hop, and electronica – the Peacocks might just be your new favorite musical tool.

But don’t think the Peacocks are Beats reincarnated. Regardless of genre, they deliver a high level of musical satisfaction. Their pleasing rendition and utter lack of distortion makes whatever music you love accessible. The midrange is clean, and the top end transparent.

They ship from the factory with a mini headphone plug, but Sendy includes ¼-inch and balanced adaptors. Putting these phones through their paces with everything from an older iPhone to our Manley reference headphone amplifier shows the Peacocks incredibly easy to drive. That’s great news no matter where you are on your personal listening journey.

Full review soon – highly recommended.