Lab 12 Mighty Power Amplifier

Don’t let the small footprint of this 10 Watt per channel fool you.

Even though it has a modest output, this single ended Class-A amplifier can be used in ultralinear or triode mode. It ships with a pair of EL34s, but can also be used with 6550 or KT88 output tubes. We tried them all and it’s more of a different, than better sound. (of course, our personal favorite is the EL34) A pair of 6NP1 dual-triodes round out the tube compliment. Simple.

From the coolio power output meters to the glowing tubes, this amplifier is a dream come true for anyone using efficient, high-sensitivity speakers. Thanks to The Heretic Speaker Company’s A614s, there’s an incredibly musical system playing in room 2 these days.

Though we did cheat a bit, using the Pass XS Pre and dCS Vivaldi ONE digital player to establish the Mighty’s performance envelope, moving to a more reasonably priced front end (the Naim Uniti Headphone Amplifier used as a DAC/PRE) is just as enjoyable. Even with less sensitive speakers (the Eggleston Nico EVOs, with an 87db/1Watt rating), the Mighty still delivers great, low volume listening.

With a single pair of RCA inputs, it’s easy to put in your system, and the sound is robust. The epitome of tubey-ness, the Mighty is a wonderful blend of new and old, providing a massive soundfield, well controlled bass, and a luscious top end. This is one you can listen to all day.


www.lab12.gr (factory)
www.fidelisdistribution (US Distributor)