MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion

MartinLogan’s ElectroMotion

The ElectroMotion’s are out of the box and rocking!  Now that I’ve got a couple of days on the clock, it’s safe to say that these speakers are incredibly good!  But the biggest part of the test is yet to come, we are about to start the comparison between the original Aerius and the new challenger.  Stay tuned and we’ll fill you in as we go!

Apr. 8
Good news, tube lovers, the ElectroMotions are very tube friendly…   Now that the speakers have about 100 hours on the clock, I’ve had the chance to use them with a wider range of amplifiers.  Encouraged by the results with the Octave MRE 130 monoblocks, which produce just over 130 watts per channel, I moved on to some lower powered amplifiers and it’s all good.  Both my recently upgraded Conrad – Johnson MV 50 and the new PrimaLuna Dialog 4 ampflifiers (approx 40 -50 wpc.) are driving the ElectroMotion’s with ease, utilizing the four ohm taps.  More info to follow!

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      Yep, these are fantastic speakers for $2k a pair. Going to Toronto on Monday to visit the new factory...

    -toneaudio / April 13th 2011, 10:53 pm

      So far I have heard some GREAT things said about this new model. I have not heard it yet myself, so no person comments so far. But here is a speaker similar to the old Aerius (which I thought was a great bargain), but with a full panel ESL on it and an 8" woofer. I would say/guess a sub would be needed if you are a bass freak trying to use these speakers. ML made a great decision on putting 34" panel on this model. (so not as large as the older 48" panels on models like the Sequel). And this is the new panel technology along with new xover technology they learned in the CLX and you have a great way to get into ML with an ESL panel at a great price.

    -dtb300 / April 13th 2011, 11:53 am

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