2014 Product of the Year – Amplifier

2014 Product of the Year - Amplifier

Steve Deckert has been building some of the world’s finest tube amplifiers forever, and he’s still one of the best-kept secrets in high end audio.  Until you talk to someone who owns one of his amplifiers, that is.  Just try and pry it from their cold, dead hands.

His Zen Monoblocks put out 60 watts per channel, cost a cool $12k a pair, and are worth every penny. The Zen Mystery Amplifier, is a single channel design producing 40 watts per channel and has a lower price tag of only $5,695.  Decware amplifiers all carry a lifetime warranty, but the odds of your ever needing to take advantage of it are very slim.  These amplifiers are hand built and tested 110%.

As for the sound, there’s nothing like a Zen amplifier.  If you can live with 40 watts per channel, these are the most glorious 40 watts you will ever hear.

Decware Zen Mystery Amplifier