2014 Product of the Year – Accessory

2014 Product of the Year - Accessory

While we’ve all been arguing about whether to align our phono cartridge to Loefgren A, B or Baerwald spec, Acoustical Systems has gone back to the drawing board, looking at the problem from a new light: updating phono cartridge alignment from the perspective of modern designs, materials and stylus profiles.

The result is their UNIDEN alignment geometry, implemented with their SMARTractor.  Nope, you won’t find this profile for free on your favorite internet forum; you’re gonna have to buy it.  Granted, $795 is a little spendy for a user with one table and one tonearm, but we guarantee you will never hear a more profound improvement to your analog system than this provides for anywhere near this price.

The reduced distortion provided by the UNIDEN alignment is a revelation, a quantum leap beyond what you’ve been using.  Before you buy some wacky-priced piece of wire, buy a SMARTractor.  You won’t regret it.

Acoustical Systems SMARTractor