2014 Product of the Year – Speaker

2014 Product of the Year - Speaker

I’m proud to say that Dynaudio’s flagship Evidence Platinum speaker has also been my reference for this year and looks like it will continue to be so for some time to come.  For $85,000 a pair, said speakers should be without compromise, and the Evidence Platinums deliver the goods.  They feature full-range frequency response, massive dynamic range, natural tonality and are easy to drive with anything from 15wpc on up.

And of course, being Danish, the Evidence Platinums are a visual work of art as well as an auditory one.  You’ll need a fairly good-sized room for them to fully work their magic, but you will be rewarded with a musical destination that you never need to leave.  There’s no reason to spend over twice as much on a pair of Wilsons, once you hear the Evidence Platinum.  And you’ll have a much easier time convincing your wife to put them in the living room, too.

Dynaudio Evidence Platinum