Emotiva XDA-2 Review

John Darko from Digital Audio Review takes an in-depth look and listen at Emotiva’s latest DAC/digital preamp, the XDA-2…

My first slice of Emotiva DAC coverage appeared nearly two years ago. In 2011, I found the XDA-1 to be a bit of a bargain – US$399 for a (then) better-than-average sound atop a killer feature set: remote controllable digital pre-amp with balance outputs. Back then, very few DACs in the shallow end of the budget market could compete with such a high value proposition. More crucially, the XDA-1 offered a sound that didn’t screech or scratch its nails down the chalkboard despite being solid with detail dig and widescreen musical staging.  After teasing with 12 months of trade show demos, the XDA-2 (US$399) finally drops.

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