Thorens TD-124: Part two

I rarely get just one of anything I like.

From cars to shoes and especially turntables, I love things in pairs.  Maybe it’s a throwback to those psych experiments at the University of Wisconsin, where we always had a control group and an experimental group.

Thanks to a very nice guy from the AudioCircle forum, I managed to score another TD-124 that not only has a much higher serial number, but is in even better shape than the first one I purchased last month, that will be treated to the full series of Swissonor upgrades, courtesy of AudioArts in NYC, the exclusive distributor for Swissonor and Schopper.

With the arm board drilled, and SME 3009 mounted (along with an NOS Ortofon VMS20 cartridge) the sound, even at this stage is solid and tuneful.  I can see already why so many audiophiles dig this table.  As Stereophile’s Art Dudley likes to say, it’s about the flow.