Boston – Boston

Another ubiquitous 70s rock record, Boston’s self-titled album garnered the band a monumental legion of fans that had no idea that it would take the band almost a decade to release a sophomore album.  Friday Music hasn’t made any major missteps here; the record is basically quiet, but it’s just as bright as the original, and relatively flat. Adding insult to injury, my copy was slightly off center. Again, such faults are inexcusable when being asked to pony up $30 for an LP.

The worst news for those that already shelled out for Friday’s pressing? Boston sold 17 million copies and, as a result, I was able to pick up a clean used copy for four bucks at a local store. And it sounds just as good as the reissue. For those keeping score: Grand Funk, yes; Boston, no.  —Jeff Dorgay

Friday Music, 180g LP