Journey – Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 and 2

If Journey is at best a guilty pleasure at best, or perhaps a bit of reliving part of your youth during a time when you had just as much hair as these guys did (hopefully you left your shirt buttoned), and your favorite Journey albums are worn and weathered, you might consider this pair of greatest hits collections.

However, if you are a Journey fan looking for remastered treasure that sounds better than the band’s originals LPs, forget these newly issued editions. These LPs are terribly harsh and compressed. Using a Linn LP-12/Shure V15 combo tends to forgive such sonic sins, but not enough to make these LPs palatable. It’s too bad.

That said, the studio albums from which the songs on these two collections are taken can be picked up used bins for between $2-$5 a shot. Go that route. Look for low-stamper copies first, and enjoy one of arena rock’s most successful bands as originally captured. —Jeff Dorgay

Sony/Legacy, 180g 2LP (each)