The importance of stability

Do you feel like Jack Bauer trying to disarm a nuclear missile  when trying to set overhang on your turntable?

Close to freaking out?  Beads of sweat running down your forehead?  I know I used to, especially with some of the mega-expensive cartridges that have come my way lately.  One slight slip backwards and no more Goldfinger. This is definitely a case of what’s good for the DJ is NOT good for the audiophile.

Here’s a simple and inexpensive tip.  Use that same green or blue painters tape that you’ve been using to mark where your speakers go and lock your turntable’s platter down while using your favorite alignment protractor.  If you aren’t marking where your speakers go with tape, and don’t have any on hand, stop by your local Home Depot, hardware store or paint supply shop and get a roll.

The reason for painters tape, instead of traditional masking tape or duct tape?  The adhesive.  Painters tape is made with an adhesive slightly weaker than masking tape and is designed to pull off cleanly without residue.  You don’t want tape scum all over your pride and joy, do you?

Here’s to a quicker way to better alignment!  Happy listening.