Hanging at VPI

Always a fun day to visit the VPI factory, in Cliffwood, New Jersey.

This is American made at its finest.  VPI combines new and old school manufacturing with careful hand assembly to create turntables known all over the world for their sonic attributes.

The most fun however, is back in the sound room, where now retired principal, Harry Weisfeld has just unpacked a pair of JBL Everest speakers.  As we listen to Way Out West, via VPI’s new 3D printed arm and a Lyra Atlas cartridge, the lifelike sound is unmistakable.  Harry smiles and says, “they need a few months to really break in, then we’ll have some magic.”  An audiophile to the end.

And lurking off in the distance is a vintage Denon direct drive table, that Weisfeld is holding “for a friend…” Pretty cool.