First Impression: Monk-Audio Tube Preampli-le petit

First Impression: Monk-Audio Tube Preampli-le petit

We were so impressed with the Monk-Audio three input phonostage that we’ve made it part of our permanent reference collection.

Their latest effort, labeled the “tube preampli-le petit, still features three inputs, though this time utilizes a pair of 12AX7 tubes instead of the solid-state construction of their larger model.  Gone is the ability to adjust gain, loading and EQ, but the pricetag is very attractive – about $1,300. With the cost of the EAR 834P ever increasing, this could very well be its replacement.

Initial listening with a Denon DL-103r cartridge mounted on an SME 309 tonearm with the AVID Ingenium turntable reveals, a lively, dynamic sound with a very low noise floor.  In the weeks to come, we’ll be trying a handful of MM and MC cartridges, and report back with a full review.

Stay tuned!