Audion Phono Stage

Audion Phono Stage

Fresh from the Fed Ex Truck from France, (say that ten times as fast as you can…) the Audion phono stage is here for review. With the trend of phono preamplifiers heading ever upward, it’s refreshing to see a unit that looks this good and sounds this good weighing in at $1,995. While you might think that the MM input leaves something to be desired, there are a lot of great MM carts in the $300-$1,000 range that will probably sound fantastic with the Audion. The investigation has already begun, with great results.

They promised us a few hours on the clock, and out of the box the Audion sounds excellent. With a pair of ECC88 tubes, tube rolling options are plentiful (I’m thinking a pair of EAT tubes), so this will be a fun review. Stay tuned.

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