Audio Additives – Dig. Stylus Force Gauge

Here’s the answer for those wanting a digital stylus force gauge on a tight budget.

Music Direct’s Audio Additives Digital Stylus Force Gauge tips the scale at $79.99. About three times what the reliable Shure balance gauge will set you back, but much more precise.  Of course, if you’re going to set your table up once and forget it until you buy a cartridge in a few years, or if you bought a VPI table, in which case they include a Shure gauge at no charge, this is probably not for you.

However, with more analog enthusiasts sporting multiple turntables and tonearms with removable headshells, the thought of having two or more cartridges in your collection isn’t as crazy as it used to be.  And a digital scale to keep things precise makes it that much easier.

Setup is quick, a pair of AAA batteries keep this gizmo going, and once the scale settles down to all zeros, calibration is checked with a supplied reference weight.  Everything is tucked neatly in a foam lined box, making it easy to keep tidy.

Comparing the AA gauge to my reference Clearaudio Weight Watcher, the new contender proves spot on, with the ten turntables at my command.  The only question left to answer is long term stability, which we will answer somewhere down the road, as this handy gauge will be used on a daily here.

For now, this looks like the one to beat, and you can purchase one from Music Direct here.