LessLoss Blackbody Major controversy!

By Matej Isak

As part of our newly formed alliance with Mono&Stereo, writer Matej Isak begins with one of the most controversial products in high end audio today, the LessLoss Blackbody field conditioner.

Sure to start a hellacious fight on any internet forum you mention it, and capable of inducing an unremovable frown from any engineer you reveal it to, this little black cube (that costs $1400) is sure to amaze, annoy and possibly impress more than a few audiophiles.

Both Matej and I are not “tweaky” audiophiles.  We don’t have those things that look like coat racks in our listening rooms, we don’t smear goooey stuff on our gear and we don’t wear foil hats, or participate in any of the other alchemy that often passes for audiophile improvements.  That’s not to say that I don’t believe in a good set of interconnects, power conditioning, or room treatments. (Especially room treatments) My dog chewed all of the Shunyata wire elevators to bits, and after a while, I never missed them.

Yet these little black boxes seemed over the top, I couldn’t resist. I wanted to hate them and I wanted to tell the world that they are useless.  However, after trying them with a number of different components, there is definitely something going on here. And I can’t explain it for the life of me. And I still suggest you spend the $1400 that one of these Blackbodies cost on room treatments before you even think of buying one of these…

So, I turn you over to our host Matej.  And I must say I concur with his findings.

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