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Focal's new Vestia speakers...

Focal’s new Vestia speakers…

Developed and made in France in Focal’s workshops, their new Vestia line – its name inspired by the goddesses of hearth and home, Vesta and Hestia – includes five brand new products. Read More ->

New Classic Separates from Naim...

New Classic Separates from Naim…

Naim Audio announces today, the launch of three new products to their “classic” lineup.The NSC 222 is a Streaming Preamplifier offers a great way to keep a minimal box count, high-performance system. Read More ->

Updated Utopia Phones from Focal

Updated Utopia Phones from Focal

Constantly striving for sonic excellence, Focal has just announced a new, improved version of their top-of-the-line Utopia headphones. Now referred to as the 2022 Edition, the new phones are an evolution of sonic and aesthetic performance. Read More ->

High End by OZ is now distributor for Lansche Audio

High End by OZ is now distributor for Lansche Audio

Lansche Audio is pleased to announce High End by Oz, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, as its official distributor for North America. High End by Oz LLC. is a high-end audio distributor covering North America with some of the finest high-end audio products from around the world. Read More ->

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6

Zu is back with the latest edition of their Dirty Weekend speakers. If you’re not in the know, these are like a winery releasing a small batch of some of their best stuff, but not for crazy money. Read More ->

New buds from Nura feature Dirac...

New buds from Nura feature Dirac…

We are anxiously awaiting a review sample of these new ear buds from Australian manufacturer Nura. The following is their release info: The NuraTrue Pro is designed to deliver audiophile-grade sound with the convenience of a wireless earbud, by combining lossless audio with Nura’s award-winning personalized technology for perfectly balanced sound. Read More ->