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Rogers: Tubed Excellence

It arrived just before I jumped on a plane for the NY Audio Show.  It’s big, red and beautiful.

We’ve got the EHF-200MK2 integrated amplifier from Rogers High Fidelity here for a while and after hearing it at Stereo Exchange in New York this weekend, I’m anxious to put it through its paces with a wide variety of speakers.  Featuring a pair of KT120 output tubes per channel, this amplifier puts out 120 watts per channel in Ultralinear mode, but can be switched into triode mode as well.

The EHF-200MK2 is packaged like a piece of fine jewelry, homage to the luxury product it is.  The remote is gorgeous, the manual concise and easy to read – but best of all each one comes with a little note enclosed from the person who built it, adding a bit of humanity to the process. When I caught up with Roger Gibboni I thanked him for the extra car, but he said “We do that with every amplifier, we want people to know the care that goes into each one.” So, Trish, thank you very much for building this amplifier…

Stay tuned for our listening impressions and the world’s first review shortly.