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STAX SRS-3100 System

Decades ago, when many music lovers were rocking out to a $50 pair of Koss Pro 4AA phones (or a $299 pair of ESP-9 Electrostatic phones if you had crazy money), Stax of Japan was making killer electrostatic headphones that cost as much as a Honda Civic of the current day. Today, Stax still makes some of the world’s finest, and most expensive headphones.

Now that $5,000/pair headphones are no longer anomalous, Stax has begun producing electrostatic headphones with a very modest price tag attached.

Enter the SRS-3100 system. This includes the SR-L300 Earspeaker and the SRM-2525 driver unit. Retail price is $995.

Watch for a full review very soon, but out of the box, these are impressive. But what would you expect from a company that has been making the world’s finest headphones for decades?