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The Wadia Intuition

One of the most exciting products to hit this January’s Consumer Electronics Show, Wadia’s Intuition combines their latest DAC technology, combining the current version of their award winning Digimaster algorithm, a digital preamplifier, and a 350 watt per channel (into 4 ohms) high efficiency power amplifier.

It is capable of processing 192khz/24 bit files via the coax, optical and AES inputs, while offering 384khz/32bit and native DSD playback through the USB input.

We will have a full review in a few weeks, which will be the world’s first in-depth review of the Intuition.  We’ve got a wide range of speakers to pair it up, from KEF (Blades and LS-50), Dynaudio (Evidence Platinum), Focal (Maestro Utopia), and GamuT (S9), so stay tuned.  Even after a few days, the Intuition continues to impress in every way.