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Questyle CMA600i

I’ve been a huge fan of Bruce Ball’s Questyle gear for some time. They’ve made quite a splash at all the shows and their gear offers a combination of mega performance, value and an elegantly understated visual style to boot.

All of their products look much more expensive than their price tags, (having them assembled in the Foxconn factory doesn’t hurt!) and deliver top functionality as well.

With so many people pinched for space, multi-function components are all the rage, and in addition to offering a pure DSD DAC and outputs for every headphone termination imaginable, the CMA600i has RCA and balanced XLR line outputs so it can be used as a 2 channel line stage. Regular readers know this is one of our publisher’s hot buttons. The CMA600i retails for $1,295.

You can read all the techie goodness about the CMA 600i here.

Reviews are in process here and over at The Audiophile Apartment, so stay tuned!