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OPPO HA-2 Headphone Amplifier Flyby

We just popped OPPO’s HA-2 headphone amplifier out of the box and it’s a beauty. Here’s a quick peek.

Looking more like something Q would give James Bond to trounce an enemy than a piece of consumer electronic gear, the HA-2 goes a long way at upping the style points and decreasing the nerd points for portable audio, and that’s a wonderful thing.  I know that big wad of gear, rubber banded together with all the cables hanging out has always been a conversation killer when I’ve been on a plane.

With a Sabre DAC included, two gain settings and convenient charging options, the HA-2 joins OPPOs growing fleet of awesome, yet affordable line of gear.  Watch for a full review in Issue 71 of TONEAudio.

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