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Luxman PD-171A Arrives!

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit Japan, one of the first things you will notice is how deliberate everything in Japanese culture is. They do not take anything, even the most minute act, lightly. The level of care they exhibit is a treat to behold.

Unboxing the Luxman PD-171A turntable is a similar joy. When you get to the inside of the third box, the table is revealed in three more layers. Dust cover is on top, exquisitely wrapped, followed by the plinth/motor assembly, and the platter is on the bottom of the box. Each bit is carefully, perfectly wrapped. Should you purchase a PD-171A of your own (and I highly suggest you do) plan on at least 60-90 minutes to savor this process!

Each layer is wrapped, taped, and fit together so tightly, that it must be removed slowly and carefully. Wonderful as Luxman products are, even the packaging is a work of art unto itself.

What has to be the best feature assembling the PD-171A though, is the threaded handles, so that you can gently lower the finely machined platter on to the main bearing. I wish EVERY turntable manufacturer did this!

Here it is, fully assembled, ready for a cartridge – but what will we choose?  We’ll have more pictures in issue 90 and a full review on our site shortly.