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First Look: The Magnepan .7 Speakers

Having spent a fair amount of time with the Magnepan MMG over the years, it’s a fun little speaker that can’t always rock. Change the program to jazz or vocal music, and you’d swear you are listening to much more expensive speakers. The spatial perspective of the MMG is incredible, feeling almost like you have a gigantic pair of headphones in the listening room. For $699 a pair, they are tough to beat.

The new Magnepan .7, at twice the price, is another high-end audio bargain of all time. Much more dynamic, with the ability to create a huge soundfield in a modest sized room, these speakers are so much more of what the MMGs offer, yet still reasonably priced. We’ll have more to talk about when our full review is finished, but after a few days of run in time, these little panels are nothing short of amazing.

Magnepans past are fairly power hungry, yet the .7s work with 60 watts per channel quite nicely. PrimaLuna’s HP Integrated and the Pass INT-60 offer excellent results, so whether you like tubes or transistors you can bask in the panel experience.

The holiday season is upon us. If you’re looking for a new pair of speakers, I highly suggest the Magnepan.7. My high-end journey started with a pair of MGIIs nearly 40 years ago. Even if you aren’t, zoom on over to your Magnepan dealer to see just what $1,395 buys. And for all of you complaining on internet forums about how high end sound is out of reach unless you have six figures to spend, here’s your solution.


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      I owe these .7's for a year now and they are really FANTASTIC! They are power hungry indeed. The article suggests that the .7 (4 Ohm) works 'quite nicely' with 60 Watts per channel'. But, if you really want to drive them into top performance, I really would advice to feed them with far more power/current than 60 Watts. Initially I started with 90 Watts per channel too but I missed that little extra like real powerful drive. Specially at mid/lower frequencies. In the meantime I bought at E-bay two second hand Denon POA-6600 mono blocks. These deliver a continuous power of 450 Watts at 4 Ohms each. The music opened up dramatically. Of course this type of speaker (as all planar speakers) isn't a 'Beasty Box'. But even these Magnepan's smallest models rock like not many others at this price. In Europe (NL) they even cost € 2.800,-! Still. A deep bass, that goes really low, wonderful mids and mellow highs fill the room. It's almost a miracle that planar speakers this size sound that powerful. A warning for some: If you want to feel music instead of hearing it, if you want to boom, don't even consider a planar speaker! But if you want to listen to music close to its original sound, buy these speakers or the higher models if your budget and room allow. Specially classical and unplugged music are reproduced heavenly. But even Daft Punk, Deep Purple and 'The Notorious B.I.G.' sound beefy, pure and absolutely neutral. Given their size, these speakers are perfect for smaller or mid sized rooms. And yes they demand perfect positioning and room acoustics. They are extremely flat, but demand around (l-r-f-r) them at least one meter space to breathe, since they are dipole speakers. In the past I owned the Quad ESL-989's. These were soundly unbeatable but also a kind of vulnerable and can, in contrast to the Magnapans, easily be over driven. I had them repaired several times at high cost. That's why I started to search for an alternative. Since I moved into a smaller apartment, I choose for the Magnapan .7' and without any regrets. If you prefer music instead of 'just sound', don't hesitate and get you a pair of Magnepans. And suppose you should want some extra bass, Magnepan has a perfect bass (flat)panel in their program: DWM Bass Panel. ENJOY!

    -BrummTone / January 24th 2018, 6:15 am

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