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A Tidy Power Solution

After cable, one of the top audiophile arguments is about the need (or lack thereof) clean power.

The forum pundits like to quip, “I’ve got clean power, I live at the end of the street/out in the burbs/out in the country…” But the truth is you don’t have clean power.

The good news is this is easy to sort out, and I’ve found power products the easiest to demo. You plug it in and if you aren’t blown away, don’t buy it. No straining to hear if the magic fairy dust is doing it’s job or not. But once you’ve settled on a solution for your power needs, you head straight back to arguing about cables!

Fortunately, the folks at Core Power Technologies have made it easy for you, with their EQUI=CORE 300. This 300 watt power conditioner features a high quality power cord hardwired on the input and output side, which in the end makes for a bit better sound. Those needing more outlets can go with a Matrix 2 power strip from the folks at Wireworld.

Price is $799 – $899, depending on the length of cable required. Full review in process, but our initial response is “just go buy one.”  :)