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Worlds Best Amplifier?

On one level I want to share the new SIT-3 power amplifier from Nelson Pass’ First Watt division with the world and avail you all to its awesomeness.

On the other hand, they are only going to make a couple hundred of them, and I want one. Can’t even buy the review sample. Pass Labs’ Desmond Harrington assures me that this is one of a pilot run of ten amps “to get out to friends and reviewers for evaluation.”

This $4,000 box will not be for everyone. With only 18 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 30 per channel into 4, some listeners will be excluded. But for SET listeners contemplating crossing over, this will be like dropping a V8 into a Smart Car.

Think every audiophile cliche you’ve ever heard in one bundle, squared. The Pass SIT-3 delivers the cleanest window to music that I’ve yet experienced. I’ve got more listening to do, but no amplifier has ever made a better, more profound “first impression.”

If you can live with this level of power, call Pass immediately and get in the queue. You will not be disappointed. Now, there might be a few doubting Thomases’ saying “But those First Watt amps are a little thin.” With the wrong speakers, they certainly can be, and in a direct comparison to the SIT-2, the -3 is in a league of it’s own. This one has a fullness that others lacked. You don’t realize it till you hear it.

While anxious to pair the SIT-3 with the highly efficient Pure Audio Project Trio 15s, I couldn’t wait. Finishing the photo shoot, I plugged it right in to the main system (formerly with PASS XA200.8s) via the Focal Sopra no.3s, which have a sensitivity of 92db/1 watt and proceeded to by hypnotized by the mixture of drive, clarity, and sheer space that this amplifier delivers.  Think all those cliches again. Yeah.

The First Watt SIT-3 might be the amp that helps you to kick the bottle.