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Graham LS3/5A Monitors

Perhaps the only other speaker that has as big of a long-term following as the esteemed LS3/5A is the Quad 57 (or original Quad if you’re being fiddly.)

However, unlike the famed ESL, there aren’t nearly as many variations on the theme as there are as the little British broadcast monitor that can. As a licensed product, made by a number of different manufacturers, each sounding somewhat different. You can lose hours on the internet arguing about which one is the “best,” but it’s more likely that finding the answer, you’ll just be more confused at best and aggravated at worst.

The Graham Audio BBC monitors are certainly the most faithful we’ve encountered, and when we reviewed Graham’s LS3/5 speaker, actually preferred it to some of the best originals. Heresy, perhaps. Yet the hard core LS3/5a enthusiasts were quick to point out that this was “not a true LS3/5a.”

So here we go. They’ve just been unboxed and we are ready to start listening. Let the good times roll.