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A Small Miracle From Jern

After an impressive showing at this year’s Munich High End show, the tiny Jern 14EH monitors are indeed impressive at first listen.

Combining high quality ScanSpeak drivers, a 6db/octave crossover network and a cast iron enclosure that redefines the word “inert,” put in perspective of the new Wilson desktop speakers tipping the scales at nearly $11,000/pair, the Jern’s decimate the Wilsons at less than half the price. Even adding a pair of REL t5i subs to the mix and you’ve still got nearly $4k left to buy a nice integrated amp. (and for that kind of money, the PrimaLuna HP Integrated is a splendid choice.

And while beauty may be indeed in the eyes of the beholder, we think the Jern’s are way more fashion forward than those $11k/pair items. If you are looking for a killer pair of desktop, or near field monitors, these are indeed very impressive. More to come with a full review soon.

Editors note: I was just informed by Steve French that these are actually the new EH models, fitted with their latest Hiquphon tweeters and updated crossovers, which explains why these sound even better than what I remember at the show.

Also, we are the first members of the press to have the latest pair, so we are excited to be producing the world’s first review on these!  Stay tuned.


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