Pass XsPre – A Solid State Marvel Pass Labs new flagship line stage

By Jeff Dorgay

When Pass labs introduced the dual chassis Xs monoblocks a couple of years ago, they raised the bar for other components, and in the process even raised the bar for their own, already excellent XP30. We could end the review here by saying that on one level the difference between the XP30 and the XsPre is very much like the difference between the XA.8 series power amplifiers and the Xs monoblocks; everything is bigger, bolder, cleaner and quieter than what has come before.

Taking the financial aspect out of the equation, with the XsPre tipping the scale at $38,000 and the XP30 less than half of that at $16,500, the XsPre offers a lot more, if you have the room, system and software able to resolve the difference. For those that are familiar, think of the XP30 as a standard Porsche 911 and the XsPre as a fully geeked out GT3. You don’t need it to get the job done, but if it won’t affect your meal plan to acquire, you won’t be disappointed.