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Music Direct’s New Catalog is Fab!

It’s tradition. At the start of the holiday season, audiophiles and music lovers await Music Direct’s massive annual catalog.

Their new edition is 208 pages long, features all-original copy, and ships with one of four covers. This year, inspired by the overwhelming response to the new Beatles LP Box Set, you will either receive John, Paul, George, or Ringo on the cover. The covers are gorgeous, finished in a new matte, soft-touch finish with metallic silver ink.

Josh Bizar, Music Direct’s Director of Marketing, manages the project. It’s no small affair. Thousands of hours, photographers, writers, graphic designers, and proofreaders are required. Every Music Direct employee has a hand in its production.

You might notice that Music Direct’s catalog is vinyl-centric. Its pages overflow with vinyl, turntables, cartridges, and record-care products. In the same way vinyl is a sign of the times, so is computer audio, which occupies a vast section.

So whether you are looking for a $50 tweak or the world’s best power conditioner, an affordable USB cable or a reference pair of monoblocks, Music Direct will satisfy your high-end audio and music cravings. Enjoy.