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Focal adds in-wall to their speaker lineup…

If you love Focal speakers, but don’t have room in your listening room, there’s a solution!

Focal has added their new Wall 301 and Wall 302 speakers for your home theater environment.
They will work great for normal stereo use, if you just don’t have room for a pair of floor standers, too.
(but they do offer stands as an accessory)

These are being sold individually, as both models are slim enough, to be used as a center channel as well.

Available in gloss black or white, these will fit into every decor scheme with ease, and sonically
can be integrated with any other Focal products in your system.

These are available at your Focal dealers in late September. Pricing is as follows:

On Wall 301 – $990/each

On Wall 302 – $1,490/each

On Wall Stand – $490/pair

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