Visit to Wilson Audio

Visit to Wilson Audio

Sorry about the blog updates, was out of the office in the beautiful state of Utah for the last couple of days.

First stop, Wilson Audio.

By many considered to be the number one company in high end audio, a tour of the plant shows why this reputation is well deserved; these guys are very dedicated to excellence!  With 50 full time employees and a facility clean enough to assemble formula 1 engines, the Wilson plant is a model of efficiency and technology.

After the plant tour, I got to spend the rest of the afternoon with Dave and Sheryl Wilson at their home listening to their main system, showcasing the Wilson X-2 Alexandria.  Dave actually has a pair of the version 1 and the current version 2 speaker in his listening room for comparison purposes!

But the best part of the visit to the Wilsons, is their excitement for the audio industry and their love of music.  That’s what really makes Wilson Audio special in my book.

Watch for the interview with Dave in issue 16 of TONEAudio.

Stop by the Wilson Audio site here:

Better yet, get your checkbook out, get over to a Wilson dealer and audition the new X-2.  It is by far the most realistic presentation of live music I’ve ever heard!