Martin Logan’s New Flagship

Martin Logan's New Flagship

Took a ride up to Seattle to meet with Randy Wells and zoom over to Magnolia HiFi, where they were showing off the new CLX from Martin Logan.

This is one hell of a speaker! CLS devotees (used to be one, myself) will be thrilled with this speaker. M-L has taken everything they’ve learned in the last 25 years and created an electrostatic tour de force.

Our pal Ron Cornelius from McIntosh was their with their new coolio 300 watt tube monoblocks and a big stack of other goodies from Mac. David Allen from ML was on hand for two days to demo the speakers and answer hungry fans questions. Magnolia even had special 36 month financing on hand!

If you love ‘stats, this could be the last speaker you’ll ever need.

Hey, it took em 25 years to come up with this one.