The Monk Audio Phonostage

The Monk Audio Phonostage

What is it about phonostages? More than almost any piece of audio equipment, they seem to exert a decisive impact upon the sound—at least when it comes to playing analog equipment. I still remember the day when I fired up my Linn LP-12 and listened to the differences an Audio Research PH-3 made on my Snell E-IV loudspeakers. Read More >

Destroyer, Resurrected!

Destroyer, Resurrected!

Kiss never brought the fervor of its live shows to the studio, but on its fourth album, Destroyer, the quartet came close. Six months after the legendary Alive!, the band is at the top of the world and at one of its highest creative peaks. Read More >

14 Andre Marc

A confessed HiFi nut, Andre lives and works in sunny San Diego, California. A contributor to a number of hifi magazines/websites, he’s another music enthusiast who was bit by the bug early, thanks to his dad’s Mcintosh system. Read More >

Onkyo's AirPlay Dock

Onkyo’s AirPlay Dock

Onkyo has introduced the DS-A5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Docking station, which adds AirPlay wireless streaming capabilities to Onkyo A/V receivers and many other audio products. The Onkyo DS-A5 allows owners of recent Onkyo A/V receivers – as well as older models lacking a USB port or an Ethernet connection – to enjoy all the benefits of AirPlay wireless streaming for iOS devices, including the new iPhone 5. Read More >

REVIEW: Simaudio MOON 310LP and 320S

REVIEW: Simaudio MOON 310LP and 320S

Since even the very best hi-fi systems rarely sound like real live music, the first question one might ask about the sound of any component immediately becomes: What does it add and what does it take away from the music? Creating the perfect recreation of live music in the home may have yet to happen, but it’s not totally the fault of the hi-fi. Read More >

Parasound’s JC 3 Phono Preamplifier: Heavy On Heritage

If you aren’t old enough to know about John Curl, suffice it to say that he was responsible for more than a handful of legendary designs and one of the world’s greatest phonostages, the Vendetta Research—a product still held in great esteem by many audiophiles. Read More >

Burmester 100 Phono: Perfect Blend of Analog and Digital

It’s been a long time since Burmester has produced a phono stage. Their last model, the 838, was produced in the 80’s.  However, with vinyl making such a comeback, Dieter Burmester felt the time was right to build a phono stage that was worthy of his current Reference Line components. Read More >

Channel Islands new Transient USB Converter

Channel Islands new Transient USB Converter

Channel Islands has just announced the release of their new Transient Mk.II Asynchronous USB converter, with a retail price of $699. With sampling frequencies up to 24bit/192khz, it also can be used as a USB DAC with analog outputs in addition to the SPDIF and I2S digital outputs, utilizing a Wolfson circuit. Read More >

The Dust and Grooves Project - Live from NYC

The Dust and Grooves Project – Live from NYC

On a hot and sultry evening in SoHo NYC at the Botanica Bar, a local hangout with a house special Ginger and Lime drink reminiscent of Jamaica (not Jamaica Queens, thanks), things cool  down inside with the music being played by a dozen or so Guest DJs as I grab the attention of Eilon Paz, a photographer with a passion for music, whose work has been published worldwide. Read More >

Decware's Masterpiece

Decware’s Masterpiece

Steve Deckert, the man in charge at Decware Audio, has just announced his new, full scale assault on the monoblock tube amplifier. The Zen Torii Monoblocks are 60 watts each with a single pair of KT88 tubes. Read More >

Mozart Arrives...

Mozart Arrives…

We’ve just received the Mozart Grand speakers from Vienna Acoustics for review. Clad in piano black, these compact speakers strike a stunning presence, yet are compact enough to fit in most rooms. Read More >

Our Latest Pro-Ject turntable winner!

Our Latest Pro-Ject turntable winner!

A self-described “girl nerd,” our latest contest winner Jaime Lee Fritze hails from Maryland. She’s adding it to her vintage audio collection and is a huge vinyl fan. Jaime says she also has a mini disc recorder and a U-Matic machine. Read More >

Unison Research S6 Integrated

Unison Research S6 Integrated A Stylishly Different Take on Things

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the hifi journey is discovering something new, especially on a heavily traveled road.  It’s like discovering that cool coffee shop down the street, only to find that it’s been there for years and you just passed it by. Read More >