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Decware’s Masterpiece

Steve Deckert, the man in charge at Decware Audio, has just announced his new, full scale assault on the monoblock tube amplifier.

The Zen Torii Monoblocks are 60 watts each with a single pair of KT88 tubes.  A quick peek at the Torii Monoblock website reveals that NO compromises have been made with these amplifiers, from parts quality to assembly methodology.  He’s even incorporated a pair of jeweled movement Simpson meters to adjust tube bias and balance.

Now available for order at $5,596 to $5,846 (depending on base finish), Decware does not charge your credit card until your amps are ready to ship.  Considering the backlog on his Zen Torii II, which we favorably reviewed last year, these will probably have a long waiting list.  Decware amps are built with meticulous care by hand, and the Torii Monoblocks carry a LIFETIME warranty.  This is American craftsmanship at its finest.

We look forward to reviewing these amplifiers as soon as Steve can free up a pair to send our way.