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Sound Organisation expands to Canada

The Sound Organisation and The Sound Organisation Canada today announced they have been selected to be the new distributors for Spendor Audio in the United States and Canada.

Spendor Audio is the most recent addition to the The Sound Organisation portfolio that includes Chord Electronics, The Chord Company, Fyne Audio, ProAc Loudspeakers, Rega Research and Quadraspire in the U.S., and Chord Electronics and Rega in Canada.

Sussex-based Spendor Audio has been designing and building world-class loudspeakers since the 1960s. Founded by former BBC sound engineer Spencer Hughes and his wife Dorothy, Spendor Audio has been owned by veteran audio designer Phillip Swift for the past 20 years. Under Swift’s direction, Spendor has pushed product development and consolidated their speakers into the mainstream A-Line, higher-end D- Line and the traditional-yet-modern Classic Line.

“The Sound Organisation is a world-class distributor and they have demonstrated their commitment to the brands they represent,” stated Mike Picanza, Spendor’s Head of Sales and Marketing. “Spendor is very excited to work closely with the whole team at The Sound Organisation and we have no doubt they will grow our brand in the United States and Canada.”

“Spendor is a terrific brand that is well-known in the audio industry and beloved by many who hear these great speakers,” Sound Organisation President Stephen Daniels stated. “Led by an outstanding team including Philip and Mike, Spendor is the perfect partner for The Sound Organisation and we look forward to introducing them to more ears across the US and Canada.”

The Sound Organisation will be stocking Spendor Loudspeakers at their warehouse and shipping facility in Arlington, TX. Representatives from The Sound Organisation in both countries will be reaching out to current and prospective Spendor retailers in the coming weeks. For those wishing to learn more or apply to carry Spendor Audio in their locations, please contact [email protected] in the United States or [email protected] in Canada.

We look forward to bringing you some Spendor reviews in the near future…

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