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REL Acoustics LTD Announces New Website

REL Acoustics Ltd, Great Britain’s premier manufacturer of subwoofers and sub-bass systems
announces today the launch of a new international website. The new website,
is dedicated to presenting the company’s product design, philosophy and approach to subwoofer technology. The website is organized in an easy and accessible manner that allows the viewer to explore the world of REL, learning along the way what indeed makes a REL a REL.

“We wanted to take a simple approach to teaching people about the brand so we focused
on a portfolio-like presentation of products which highlights the beautiful design and our
attention to detail” said John Hunter, REL President. “Every effort went into demystifying
the process of selecting the appropriate sub-bass system. Customers need this kind of
information available to them in order to make an informed decision on a subwoofer for
either a home cinema or two-channel audio system. Not only is there a wealth of
information on selection, set-up, integration and connectivity but we made a great effort
to depict the product visually in lifestyle settings as well as in detailed product shots”
continued Hunter.

REL Sub-Bass Systems are available worldwide through a select group of dealers and
distributors. Please visit